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Devil Spice is the result of a passion for food that has grown over the past decade. I knew I liked food before I became vegetarian, but when I did become vegetarian, I discovered that I better learn how to cook, instead of just eat, because I didnít know anyone else who was going to prepare a good meal for me. Lucky for me, it turned out that I had a flare for preparing good meals and being able to experiment and create other tasty treats off the cuff. Devil Spice, Inc. is the natural evolution of that.

You may have noticed that the company name and the salsa name are the same. Thatís because in early 2004, Devil Spice Salsa was born. Having grown tired of going to the store to pay high prices for mediocre salsa, I went home and came up with my own recipe on the spot. While Devil Spice Salsa was not my first attempt, it was my second, and that batch was exactly what I wanted. Well, at least I knew I liked it. And then I shared it with my friends. And then I had to take it away from them because they were eating it all! After much cajoling to make another batch, I acquiesced, to the delight of my friends and their encouragement that it was the best salsa they had ever tasted. Thus, Devil Spice Salsa was set on the path to becoming a marketable product that I knew many more people would be able to enjoy.

Later that year, in June, Devil Spice, the company, evolved again. Having volunteered to be the chef for a fundraiser for a friend, I had planned on cooking for twenty people at most. Little did I know until the day of the event that there were forty-three people for which I would be cooking! What had I gotten myself into? Suffice it to say, I was a little nervous. Fortunately, the event went off without a hitch, and even some applause, and hence, with the encouragement of that fundraiser, Devil Spice Catering and Devil Spice Personal Chef came to be.

You see, I enjoy seeing the smiles on peopleís faces when they eat good food. Too many people have been served bad vegetarian food over the years and I know that has certainly turned a lot of people away from being vegetarian. Well, Devil Spice is dedicated to changing that by providing you with top-notch vegetarian meals! At Devil Spice, you can have your cake and eat it, too. In fact, I encourage it.

Remember, eat healthy, eat compassionately, and most importantly, eat well!


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Devil Spice is located in Glendale, Arizona * 623-680-7468 * DevilSpiceEats@aol.com