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Catering to vegetarians is becoming more and more economically important as people become more aware of the health benefits and the ethical reasons to become vegetarian and vegan. A recent survey shows that 60% of restaurant goers want a vegetarian option when they dine out, either for themselves or for someone with whom they are dining. Providing quality vegan options is a way to ensure that one is catering to a large range of vegetarians and is gaining the business of those who are either vegetarian or who are choosing a restaurant based on its vegetarian options. Devil Spice can assist you by providing

  • Information on what vegetarians and vegans are looking for when they dine out
  • Menu consultation
  • Recipes tailored to your and your vegetarian/vegan diners' needs
  • What products are available for you to use
  • Great low-cost resources for exploring your vegetarian and vegan options

To contact Devil Spice for aid on providing great vegetarian and vegan options, call 623-680-7468 or e-mail Devil Spice at DevilSpiceEats@aol.com.

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