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Vegetarian Society of Phoenix E-mail List This is the Yahoo! group that serves as the Vegetarian Society's e-mail distribution list.

Vegetarian Society of Phoenix Events Listings Check out all the great vegetarian-centered activities in the Phoenix area!

AZVegan A great site for finding out about animal rights activities and information for Arizona.

PETA PETA is the most prolific animal rights organization in the world.

National Antivivisectionist Society Find out why animal testing is both superflous and full of faulty research methods.

The Tree of Life The best place to learn about vegan, live-foods nutrition.

Dr. McDougall One of the premier vegan doctors in the world, Dr. McDougall has been helping prevent and cure problems from heart disease to diabetes.

Vegan Athlete A site for, you guessed it, vegan athletes. Find out how being vegan can help up your level of athleticism.

6db A killer graphic arts company! 6db does the graphic design for Devil Spice.

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