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“A personal chef! That sounds so nice, but, um, what exactly personal chef does a personal chef do for me, anyway?” Glad you asked.

Devil Spice Personal Chef Service provides a number of important benefits, including the fact that you will get vegetarian meals prepared by a vegetarian chef. Here is a list of common reasons people retain a personal chef:

  • No Hassle - Devil Spice takes the work and time of preparing meals from you onto Devil Spice. This is especially important if you are cooking for a family.
  • Save Time - See above.
  • No Mess - No dirty dishes, no mess to clean up.
  • Nutritional Value - Devil Spice will tell you the nutritional statistics of each meal, so you know and can control exactly what you are putting into your body.
  • Meals Tailored to You - All meals are prepared according to your tastes & needs.
  • Budgeting - You will know exactly what you are spending on your meals.
  • Quality - You can be assured that all your Devil Spice meals will be sinfully devilicious!

Here's how the process works.

First, Devil Spice will talk with you to discover your personal tastes and special needs, including dietary restrictions, caloric intake, nutritional needs, et al. We will also find out why you desire a personal chef and how, exactly, Devil Spice can meet and exceed those goals.

Second, Devil Spice will prepare your meals and bring them to your doorstep at a time convenient for you. Each meal will be sealed with a high-quality seal to preserve that out of the pan freshness over a long period of time and each meal will also be labeled with all pertinent nutritional information.

Third, sit down, relax, open your meal, and enjoy!,

Note that Devil Spice can prepare raw foods meals and macrobiotic meals in addition to standard, and really tasty, vegetarian fare. Also, a special arrangement can be made if you wish to have your meals cooked right in your home. To the right is Devil Spice Personal Chef Service’s pricing schedule. If you have any questions or wish to place an order, follow this link: Contact Devil Spice.

Remember. Eat healthy, eat compassionately, and eat well!


Pricing Schedule

Days                # People              Price

5                      1                          $125

5                      2                          $240

5                      3                          $355

5                      4                          $460


Each additional person served beyond four on a 5 day plan is an additional $110

 Days                # People              Price

3                      1                          $90

3                      2                          $175

3                      3                          $255

3                      4                          $325


Each additional person served beyond four on a 3 day plan is an additional $22

 Days                # People              Price

1                      1 or more     $20/person

*Organic meals are 30% above listed prices

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