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Devil Spice offers several hand-crafted vegan temptations available for order. Created by a vegan chef with a flare for the Southwest, our chilis and salsas are simply the best around. They're so good, PETA even invited us to serve our chili at their 25th Anniversary Gala. Check it out!

All items come in 16 oz. jars.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Devil Spice products are now made with organic ingredients!
ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT: Devil Spice Salsa can now be purchased at Plate It Up in Glendale.

Shipping is as follows:

$15/order of six jars
3-6 jars=$15
7-12 jars=$30

The minimum order online is 3 jars.

All orders will ship the Monday following when the order was placed

Devil Spice Salsa
I see that you are tempted to indulge in my magnificent salsa. Do you not know that indulgence is a sin? Therefore, being the upstanding devil that I am, I have decided that I absolutely must not tell you about my specially fire-roasted tomatoes or my dark, exotic peppers blended together to a fiendishly exquisite perfection. Nor will I tell you how very simple it would be to purchase this jar and what a wonderfully devilish treat you'll find inside! Such mischievousness is far beneath me.

Angel Spice Salsa
Did you expect to see a devil? You didnít think I would let you burn, did you? Lucky for you, Iím your guide and this is my cauldron, now. The devil can take his fires with him. Angels have higher tastes; tastes of more divine origins. Leave the burning heat for thoseÖother salsas, and partake of the holy grail of rapturous delight that waits before you.

Inspiration like this only comes from one source. Do you want to be inspired?


Devil Spice Vegetarian Chili
Crafted by hand with a bit of mischievousness thrown in, this one is a Devil Spice favorite. The essence of exquisite, roasted flavor, Devil Spice Chili will tempt and satisfy your palette with great taste and a fiendish smile. So good, it's a sin!

Devil Spice Black Bean Chili

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Devil Spice is located in Glendale, Arizona * 623-680-7468 * DevilSpiceEats@aol.com